• Released: May 1, 2017
  • 17 track(s)

Afterwords combines original solo piano with the spoken word. Each original piece is a musical meditation on quotations from Mueller’s favorite novels, short stories and poems.

The album was featured in Jazz Weekly and the second track “The Space Between Chaos and Shape” was included on JAZZIZ’s Innovative New Works of 2017 compilation disc, distributed with their December magazine.

Each piece flows into the next… forming a singular arc. Although many of the pieces have been turned into video stories. Visit Mueller’s YouTube Music channel to view.

“Mueller’s compositional vocabulary and his prowess as a pianist are eloquent and elegant, lively and whimsical, provocative and inspirational by turns. ‘Afterwords’ is highly original recording that will uplift the listener, challenge his philosophical perspectives and stimulate his aural sensibility.” - Carla Sullwood, Fanfare Magazine

I am in awe of Tobin’s fearless pursuit of honesty and originality in his work. Afterwords is an astonishing and singular work of art.” - Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“A virtuosic pianist with a vivid imagination. Afterwords is full of superior piano playing and well-chosen passages from literature. Highly personal music that is well worth exploring.” - Scott Yarnow, music journalist/historian & author