FLOW: The Music of J. S. Bach and Tobin Mueller

Tobin Mueller

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

FLOW: The Music of J. S. Bach and Tobin Mueller
  • Released: March 31, 2015
  • 28 track(s)

Flow: The Music of J.S. Bach and Tobin Mueller is the second album of The Masterworks Trilogy. It achieved Fanfare Magazine‘s 2015 Editor’s Choice Award.

FLOW is an exploration of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach through Mueller’s interpretive piano arrangements. It is also an expression of how his music has come to affect Mueller’s playing and compositional techniques. Just as he did with Claude Debussy and other Impressionists in Impressions of Water & Light and with Chopin in Of Two Minds, Disc One features Jazz-influenced piano arrangements of well-known Bach pieces.

Disc Two includes two original suites for piano written after working through the Bach repertoire.

FLOW is intended to be one part homage and one part internal romance. New Age, Neo-Classical, Modal Jazz, Impressionism, Musical Theatre and Baroque all combined during the evolutionary process of rehearsal and subsequent composing.

FLOW has been included in Fanfare Magazine’s 2015 Want List, their Editors’ Choice “Not To Be Missed” recordings.

This two-CD set of Tobin Mueller’s jazz piano excursions may be the pianist-composer’s most ambitious and sophisticated recording project to date. The first disc strikes the listener not only with Mueller’s skill as a pianist, but with his comprehensive grasp of Bach’s form and structure. But it is the second disc, where he allows his immersion in Bach to inspire his own compositions, that Mueller’s inventive voice speaks most colorfully and persuasively. The two original piano suites are imbued with a transcendent feeling for the connections between nature and music and for the cyclical energy of the human experience… Genius.” - Fanfare Magazine, October 2015