Instead of Heaven

Tobin Mueller

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Instead of Heaven
  • Released: April 22, 2021
  • 10 track(s)

Instead of Heaven is a collection of original solo piano meditations. The pieces are arranged as an instrumental song cycle, creating a musical journey using Greek myths as inspiration.

The music is fluid and modal, melding Romanticism, Impressionism, post-bop Jazz and New Age. Mueller freely takes from many genres, folding them into his own unique style. Instead of Heaven is, on one level, a musical storytelling on a personal, emotional, intuitive level. It is also a testimony to how ancient tales continue to guide and inform contemporary creativity.

The album has also been set to video: YouTube Video. Each myth is discussed and illustrated with wonderful art. “The video series incorporates gorgeous classical artwork, contemporary takes on the myths themselves, and insightful narratives. The music is inventive, sensual, flowing with grace and contemplative ease.” - Stereobangers blog

“Uniquely breathtaking. Inventive chord progressions add to the musical language of both modal post-bop jazz and contemporary classical piano. His music is often virtuosic yet avoids showiness. Everything feels organic and true. He requires the listener to pay attention yet also frees them to go on internal imaginative tangents. Storytelling on a deeply poignant level infuses every piece, expressing a singular personal honesty while revealing universal emotions. A rarity.”

- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly