• Released: August 1, 2021
  • 9 track(s)

May this music resonate with all those who have an affinity with trees and bring you closer to sharing your essence with theirs.

Trees have their own rhythm.

This album simply expresses my deep love and affection for trees. The kinship I feel with their sound, their rhythm, their energy, their beauty and balance is a constant in my everyday. I connect with the support roots and taproot, while their leaves - as antennas communicating with the heavens - bring comfort, protection and guidance.

The original Contemporary Jazz compositions presented here, performed on a beautifully restored 1924 Steinway model “M” grand piano, are dedicated to some of my most favorite tree species in the spirit of holistic music healing.

All music on “Tree”: composed, arranged, performed and produced by Andy Wasserman and © copyright 2021 - all rights reserved.

Album time length: 47:03


ABOUT ANDY WASSERMAN’S WORK IN THE LYDIAN CHROMATIC CONCEPT OF TONAL ORGANIZATION - the art and science of tonal gravity - created by Innovative Jazz legend George Russell:

Wasserman was certified directly by George Russell to teach the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization in 1982 and worked as his editorial assistant for 30 years. Andy’s aim is to maintain the integrity, authenticity, language, culture and purity of Maestro George Russell’s life’s work in music theory by dedicating the transmission of its invaluable contribution explicitly as Russell intended it to be shared - thereby respecting and honoring his monumental legacy for future generations.

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