• Released: June 2, 2017
  • 10 track(s)

This is the first solo piano album from pianist and composer Paolo Cognetti, produced by OSB Records (published by Warner Chappell Music Italiana and digitally distributed by Artist First).

Rinascita” (“Rebirth”) is a musical diary best listened to with closed eyes so that one can fully reflect on the thoughts, memories and emotions being conveyed. The album is a collection of ten pieces, composed and played by Paolo Cognetti. Each piece corresponds to a particular life event or private reflection, told with immediacy and depth through the notes. Thus, Paolo generously shares his secrets to those with sensitive ears, who wish to have their hearts opened by the black and white keys. As if by magic, what was originally conceived as an intimate and personal journey transforms itself into something capable of speaking to everyone, resembling anyone’s experience and taking on new and universal meaning through the piano. The desire to realise the magic of sharing with other human beings through music is the energy that gives life to “Rinascita”.

The first composition is the title track and single. It represents a turning point in Paolo Cognetti’s life, from which the pianist and composer had emerged transformed with a fresh approach to dealing with the future: reborn into a new life.

« “Rinascita” is the choice that, by definition, excludes all others. It is the risk that this choice entails, but also the confidence with which it is to be taken. Musically, this ideal path is realized with an element that, presented at the beginning of the track and after exploring it in its various angles, finds an intense growing at the end - its decisive transformation. »(Paolo Cognetti)

Music Composed and Performed by Paolo Cognetti

Produced by Lawrence Fancelli and Paolo Cognetti

Recorded and Mixed by Lawrence Fancelli at Officina Sonora del Bigallo

Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound Mastering

Mastering Assistant: Niccolò Caldini

Fashion Designer and Stylist: Erica Marigliani

Photography: Andrea Cresci

Artwork: WOS UP

Label: Osb Records

Publishing: Warner Chappell Music Italiana

Digital delivery: Artist First

Legal Aid: Mario Palazzi

Press Office: Pixie Promotion - Raffaella Tenaglia

Management and Booking: Aurelio Colucci

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