• Released: December 1, 2020
  • 8 track(s)

Everyone agrees that beautiful music can modify emotions, purify the soul, uplift and bring enjoyment. But did you know that in ancient times, music was created to heal illness? Andy Wasserman has been researching, exploring and utilizing many therapeutic and healing modalities of music since 1974.

This album is part of the “holistic music healing” compositions, performances and recordings of Andy Wasserman.(see more description below)

This album of original solo piano music composed, arranged and performed by pianist, composer, piano teacher and Certified Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization educator Andy Wasserman was broadcast in the spirit of “PROVIDENCE” as a Live Stream concert on Sunday, November 8, 2020.

Each original composition acknowledges a special quality that resonates at the root of providence with the intention to uplift and inspire. The compositions presented are:

1) Wellspring

2) Transference

3) Livelihood

4) Foresight

5) Kindheartedness

6) Sentience

7) Discernment,

8) Supreme Conclave

Commentary on Andy’s perspective on Holistic Music Healing:

Ancient music, whether from Africa, China, the Middle East or India, was used for medicinal purposes and as a language for communication and storytelling. It was designed to preserve time-capsules of human history, wisdom and knowledge.

As a musician who strives to walk his talk, Andy’s life work in holistic music healing has been - more than anything else - the purifying force, guiding his inner evolution on a path that integrates artistic expression with health and balance through self-realized service to humanity.

He is of the firm conviction that music is a gift, given by the Creator to humankind in order to make us better listeners. It is always calling us to listen both outwardly and inwardly to the meaningful things in life, such as:
• listen to the sounds of nature, i.e. -wind, water, birds, insects, animal calls, weather
• listen to your heart, i.e. - the voice of your conscience at the center of your being
• listen to your body, i.e. - what your body is telling you
• listen to your parents, teachers and mentors
• listen to your friends and family
• listen to the Spirit, using your intuitive intelligence and higher emotional center
• listen to the message of the language of music within the music

It is the music in us that hears the music. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of music is to speak as a voice for unity. This is how Andy defines the holistic approach to music as a restorative tonic which can touch physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels within everyone.

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