The 52 by Rachel LaFond - Carpe Annum

Rachel LaFond

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical, Jazz & Latin, Christmas & Holiday

The 52 by Rachel LaFond - Carpe Annum
  • Released: March 4, 2019
  • 52 track(s)

The 52 was a creative challenge in which I released a new single every week for a year. The project launched with the release of She Dreams of Flight in March of 2019, and each subsequent Monday unveiled the next track in the project.

Most of The 52 are original pieces of solo piano music, usually structured compositions but occasionally improvisations. For variety and creative experimentation, some pieces are cover songs, adaptations, multi-instrument works, and collaborations with other artists.

Each piece of The 52 is released with its own unique artwork and the story behind the composition.