She Didn’t Mean To

Matt Johnson

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Jazz & Latin

She Didn’t Mean To
  • Released: May 30, 2020
  • 1 track(s)

The sweet waitress didn’t mean to drop the large tray of food.

In one chapter of my life, I was the “house pianist” at a well-known hotel in Boston. For 12 years, I played popular tunes and original music in their restaurant. One fateful evening, a very sweet waitress named, Irene—who should have retired years earlier—dropped a large tray of food. The entire restaurant came to an awkward, silent halt after all the noise settled. I immediately began playing this upbeat piece. Made it up on the spot, I did, as a distraction to calm the clientele. The melody sang our empathic thoughts, “she didn’t mean to.”

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