• Released: July 20, 2016
  • 9 track(s)

“Life"is the first offical solo piano album composed and played by Sooji Jung, released in 2016.

She has taken two 4-days music workshops with David Lanz, a world renowned new age pianist. The title song “Life” came directly from her improvising on a piano in the first attended workshop in 2013. David Lanz puts his remark on her album as

“Listening to Sooji’s clear and elegant piano is like spending time sitting by a beautiful river in motion…peaceful… yet always flowing.”

As his favorable remark, her music resembles nature, where your mind lands and rests as you follow her piano sounds. In a hectic and complicated modern life, this album will draw people’s attention and touch their hearts for healing.

“Life”contains a total of 9 songs that make you feel like dreaming in a deep forest. All 9 songs breathe and circulate in nature with four seasons.
The first song “Budding(Intro)”stands for the beginning of the season, “Lovers Dance” for Spring, “Born in Light” for early Summer, “Summer Sings” for middle of Summer, “Step into fall” for early Fall, “Longing heart” for late Fall, “Waving Aurora” for early Winter and “White in distance(outro)” for middle of Winter.

The tile song “Life”is staged in climax that contain all the components of four seasons. All the songs are deep in meaning, but easy and comforting to listen to.

Mixing and mastering are done by one of the most exquisite sound engineers in Korea, Jeong Oh Yoon in Stradeum Studio designed by Sam Toyoshima who also designed the world famous Abbey Road Studio in England.

SOUM(Sound Of yoUr Mind, means “breathing”in Korean)Music, the label that has published Sooji Jung’s first album“Life”will continue to release healing music to soothe hectic modern minds.

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