Olivia Belli

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

  • Released: July 21, 2019
  • 3 tracks track(s)

The daguerreotype is the oldest photographic process: it was developed around the end of 1830 and it was named after the inventor, the chemist and painter Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre.

“Since I was a child, I have lived in homes with plenty of antiques: furniture, paintings, books… This could be a burden for a little girl: it was like living in a museum, surrounded by enchanting objects but I could only look at them without touching and I had to be very careful! Over time I learnt to love everything and at the end it enriched my life. Antiques always have a story to tell, a memory to hand down; and more over they radiate a special vibration, a human vibration that is hard to find in the new objects of our digital age. We will always have the need of this vibration and we may learn it from the past.
I have a particular love for the antique photos: they were taken only in exceptional circumstances, to immortalize special moments of people’s lives. These three songs tell in music about the story of three little women seen on an daguerréotype that have strongly inspired me. I have called them Gabrielle, Juliette and Blanchette.”