Lavender Fog

Christi Stills

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Lavender Fog
  • Released: June 14, 2019
  • 9 track(s)

Who knew that a sleepy drive up a mist-filled mountain would become a collection of stories told by the music itself? Experience a crisp morning sunrise on the horizon as described by a pleasant, awakening tune. And just exactly what color is fog? On a rare day, you will observe it’s curious, lavender hues. Life itself is a vapor. Stop and listen, for time is fleeting. Embrace each moment with those you love. Laugh much. Be thankful. Each day, each breath - is a gift from God. Enjoy the smallest of His unique blessings, such as the dancing of flowers on a breezy day. On some days, we delight in moments of victory and bright skies. On others, our hearts must endure the plague of heaviness. So, go ahead. Savor the sunset this evening. It will last for a very short time.

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