Yet another love story

Milana Zilnik

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Jazz & Latin

Yet another love story
  • Released: March 29, 2017
  • 12 track(s)

There is no love story that is unique, yet no love story is the same. My love happened to be deeply intertwined with music and with my husband. When he asked me to improvise different feelings on my piano, I didn't think it would end up as a story of our life: from the anticipation of the first date, from the surprise and joy of new relations to the moments of doubt and fear, disgust and anger, followed by guilt, sadness and contemplation. But above all it always comes down to trust and love. 

I let my piano play and it sang me this song, jazzy and romantic, swinging and rocking, lush harmonies and memorable motifs. 

From me to you, into eternal story, with love in every note I play.