Think On These Things

Lisa Downing

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Other

Think On These Things
  • Released: July 1, 1991
  • 12 track(s)

Think On These Things is the 1991 debut release by pianist/composer Lisa Downing. Containing twelve original piano solos, this early work is an impressive expression of many moods and experiences. The Colorado native began piano lessons at the age of ten and continued her music studies through college, where she earned a degree in Traditional and Non-Traditional Music with Keyboard Emphasis. She has been a piano teacher to students of all ages since 1977 and owns Vision Quest Entertainment, her record label as well as a talent agency. Downing is one of an exclusive group of artists who have lived and breathed music their whole lives, and her mastery of the piano is effortless and vividly expressive.

Think On These Things begins with "Universe Maker," something of an anthem without words. Thoughtful and soulful with an air of grace, it's a lovely opening. "Life Giver" becomes more reflective with a beautiful passion and velvet touch. "Kind, Winsome, and Gracious" is a fascinating piece that conveys several aspects of a beloved friend. Sometimes on the serious side and sometimes playful and fun-loving, it's a colorful portrait that works well. "Personal Freedom" has an infectious energy and joie-de-vivre that captivates and uplifts. "Repentence" goes to the opposite emotional spectrum, conveying regret and melancholy with grace and deep feeling. "Sometimes Mommy" begins with a few bars of the Brahms Lullaby (a recurring theme in the piece) and takes it in several different directions with a variety of expressive emotions - an amazing piece! "Twins" is a favorite even though it is very sad. Deeply passionate, every note conveys a feeling of loss. "Spirit Wind" is also dark and passionate, but reflects hope as well. The final track, "And Early we Will Go," is my favorite. Beginning with a simple melody and the sound of birds, the emotions grow as the piece evolves and then the piece very gradually trails off to nothing. It truly is amazing how powerful a simple melody can be.

Think On These Things is a fascinating introduction to the music of Lisa Downing. It is available from, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Check it out!

Kathy Parsons

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