• Released: April 14, 2001
  • 6 track(s)

This was my first solo piano record done as an experiment. I had worked in the music field forever, but had never actually gone through the process of creating an album of my own.

The record became something of a underground hit - with all sorts of people (who shall remain un-named) using in their various healing modalities, spiritual work or personal development.

One interesting thing about the record is that it only had 25 minutes of music on it, so it was “not eligable” for official review. Wow, those were the days, huh? I had copying the music twice to the CD, so it would be more useful for people doing healing or meditation work.

You can hear the music of Ahimsa on The Path of Peace, since that project was built around the same material that was birthed on Ahimsa. I think the mixes are better too.

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