sixth serenade

rada neal

Genres: Classical, Other

sixth serenade
  • Released: June 10, 2008
  • 13 track(s)

” Finding the Keys to Capture Your Soul “

’ Sixth Serenade ’ is a collection of 13 original piano pieces written and recorded by Rada Neal. Her melodies have strong classical influences with a contemporary sound .Her works have been.Inspired by the beauty of Pagosa Springs, Colorado such as in the piece ‘Spirit of the Wind ’ which recalls the constant flow of energy through the winds into the mountains. ” So Still ’ was written during a 3 day snow-storm. The town was paralyzed but the beauty and the silence were in Rada’s studio. ” Deep Quiet ” was written to capture the tragedy at Virginia Tech. many of her pieces change meter and key throughout the song. Her music is described and soothing yet thought provoking.

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