Tango Monologues
  • Released: May 25, 2013
  • 20 track(s)

Tango Monologues (Juan María Solare, solo piano). Almost 80 minutes of music covering a large part of the range between traditional tango rioplatense and Tango Nuevo - from the most danceable milongas to Solare’s “deconstructed tango”.

Among the twenty works of the album there are twelve by Solare himself and several classics of tango, such as Cobián, Di Sarli or Piazzolla, in original arrangements of the pianist.

Solare (Buenos Aires, 1966), an Argentine living in Germany, is one of those musicians that open scarcely travelled paths. The originality of his music stems from the confluence between post-Piazzollian tango and classical contemporary music. His singular style represents a synthesis of North and South, classical and popular, wit and melancholy, performance and composition. “Art music and light music are not irreconcilable extremes, but poles in a force field”, says Solare about his “musical bilingualism”.

Some of the pieces of the album Tango Monologues can already be listened to at http://www.JuanMariaSolare.com/CD_tango_monologues.html . There are also press reviews and detailed information about the CD.

The CD is digitally available via iTunes or amazonmp3.

The date chosen by the label Janus Music & Sound to re-release digitally the CD Tango Monologues is the 25th of May 2013, anniversary of the “May Revolution” (1810), when the process began that led to Argentina’s independence. Therefore, it is a symbolic day for a typically Argentinean cultural product such as the tango.

The album Tango Monologues was recorded on the Bösendorfer grand piano at the Theatre of the University of Bremen, Germany.