J’Taime (I love you)


Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Other

J’Taime (I love you)
  • Released: July 9, 2014
  • 2 track(s)

“Music is a living Art” says Karen L. Gerig-Scott “It has feelings, it has expression. It is something everyone can experience.” She says about not just her upcoming release but the music she has created throughout her life. Karen began playing piano before 1st grade and has written all her own music ever sense. She says “I have an idea, or feeling or expression and I do it with music technology.” She attended IPFW as a music major and electrical engineer, and although she works in another field, Karen is not new to the music business. While in college, she participated in a local professional choir, taught private music lessons and helped other students with tutoring and accompaniment.
She has provided music accompaniment for services at several churches in her home town area and has assisting with directing and provided music background for weddings, banquets, and background music for social events.
Of her two soon to be released songs …Karen says J-taime (I Love You), is about Love…all types of love. There are many stories out there in all types of relationships, including those between parent and child, two people, friendships and everything in between. Her other song “Dwelling Place” reminds her of where thoughts and memories dwell.
Karen is our first artist to be released on this brand new label and we look forward to a long, successful relationship with her. She is truly a blessed artist and we know you will enjoy what you hear. Look for her music on Amazon, itunes and other digital downloads and on CD at cdbaby.com or follow the link on this site.
Hear what others have said:
“Your music is fantastic! Please keep up the great work. The sky’s the limit for a seasoned and accomplished pianist like you!”
“Your music is excellent and it flows. I hear a lot of music and yours is up there with the finest.”