Echoes of Life

Lynn Tredeau

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Other

Echoes of Life
  • Released: January 3, 2015
  • 12 track(s)

This debut album tells stories that reflect my life experiences. Hiking in the mountains, playing with my grandchildren, the adventure of travel and comforting loved ones during times of loss. My deepest hope is that my music allows you to reflect on your life and revisit those memories that mean the most to you.

Beyond the Veil is the first track from the album Echoes of Life. It is a tribute to and remembrance of my parents. They left this world too young, but I know they are hearing the music Beyond the Veil.

Track two, Pines Dressed in Winter, brings back memories of a quiet walk in the woods, among the pine trees and the snow is gently falling like a snow globe.

Track three is called Please Remember. This was written while visiting my Mother in Law. She is a gentle spirit, that is falling away from all of us due to Alzheimer’s. She smiles and nods even though she doesn’t recognize any of the faces around her anymore. We so wish she could remember us and never want to forget her.

With the song Mountain Dream I wanted to reflect the journey of a mountain hike. Every hike has those moments of difficult terrain and the joy of reaching the top. Then the quiet bliss at the end of the hike.

Pacific Grey reflects life in the Pacific Northwest. It is often grey, but always beautiful.

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