The Copper Hat

Greg Maroney

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

The Copper Hat
  • Released: May 1, 2001
  • 13 track(s)

"The Copper Hat" was recorded February of 2001 after a move to rural Pennsylvania. Many of the songs have stories behind their composition. During a visit to his mother, who at the time, was in the midst of Alzheimer's disease, he found that her husband had made her a copper wire hat in the shape of a pyramid to help improve her failing mind. She wore the copper hat, tied with ribbons under her chin, around the house. The song Copper Hat was composed when his mother spontaneously started dancing with complete innocence to his music with the copper hat on her head.

The album is dedicated to his mother, the woman in the Copper Hat, who gave him the gift of piano.

A mention should also be made of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
Without a particularly memorable day spent there, there would be no Esmeralda & the 17 Goats.

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