January 5, 2016

2015 Album of the Year Nominees Announced!

We have just announced the 2015 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominations. We will be announcing the Category Winners, for the 2015 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year on Tuesday, Jan 26th!

The Overall SoloPiano.com Album of the Year will be announced on Tuesday, February 2nd.

Your 2015 SoloPiano.com Nominees:


The 2015 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominations


2015 "Classical" Album of the Year Nominees

The Last Days of Summer Richard P John, South Wales, UK

Moments, Solo Piano, Op. 7 Tim Neumark, MD, USA

Open Minds - Teo Milea, Toronto, ON, Canada

Solo Piano IV - Raphael Novarina, Paris

Constellation - Martin Gaido, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Now Paz del Castillo, Madrid, Spain


2015 "Contemporary and Modern" Album of the Year Nominees

Another Time, Another Place -  Robin Spielberg, PA, USA

Butterfly Rapture Brian Kelly, CA, USA

My Beloved - Michael Dulin, AL, USA

Shine Michael Logozar, TX, USA

Between Shadow and Light Neil Patton, OR, USA

The Sunflower Waltz Anne Trenning, NC, USA

Love Peter Kater, CA, USA


2015 "Christmas and Holiday" Album of the Year Nominees

Snowlight, A Christmas Memory - Lynn Tredeau, ID, USA

 All is Calm, All is Bright - Jeremy Yowell, IL, USA

The Wonder of Christmas Rhonda Mackert, WA, USA

Midnight Clear, Solo Piano Christmas - Brad Jacobsen, WA, USA

Christmas Lights - Doug Hammer, MA, USA


2015 "Jazz" Album of the Year Nominees

Joy of Jazz John Paris, CA, USA

Intrepid Angelo Hart, Phoenix AZ, USA


2015 "Other" Album of the Year Nominees

Opus 2 - Vasia Bratchuk, Moscow, Russia

Daydream Mathias Schabow, Frankfurt, Main Germany

Emotion Elements - Daniel Cooper, Melbourne, Australia

Soul Whispers - Shoshana Michel, NY, USA

Story - Haydn Miles, Fontenay-les-briis, France 



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