• It’s time for the Christmas Shows!!

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      Hi ya'll.

      Just a quick entry to say hey and thank you so much for the visit and your support :)

      I also wanted to share a bit about the upcoming months.

      As most of you know I am performing as feature pianist and as part of the cast of the Carolina Opry Holiday Specials in all but 2 of the shows. (Dec 10 and 11 I am at Brookgreen Gardens for a concert)

      I hope you guys get a chance to come to the show. It is really special. The songs are amazing and the cast incredibly talented.

      This is a special 'Special" because it marks the 25th anniversary of the Christmas Specials.

      I was fortunate enough to perform in (if you count this year) 21 years of the possible 25 years the Christmas Specials have been thrilling audiences.

      I am proud of the cast and especially the three cast members left out of the us original members of the show that opened May 2, 1986. They are Kym Shurbutt, better known as Bogie, Rita Gumm and Steve Templeton. A special congratulations to those three for their contribution to the Myrtle Beach entertainment scene.

      So…..in a couple hours I'll be off to the theater for opening night…..funny…I still get butterflies when it comes to opening nights. Even after many, many openings. I guess that's a good thing too :)

      Love and hugs ya'll.



  • Matt Mayer

    Matt Mayer November 2, 2010

    So Cool, Rocky! Congrats on doing this show for so long. That really does make it special! Let us know how it goes!

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