Roots - The Solo Piano Album

Laurie Z. ®

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

Roots - The Solo Piano Album
  • Released: May 21, 1997
  • 14 track(s)

  "An expertly crafted album of original contemporary

  solo piano compositions… chock full of indelible melodies."


  Considered for 8 Grammy Nominations


  Recorded live with no edits or overdubs


Rating: 54321 1 review

  • Laurie Z.  ®

    Laurie Z. ® September 25, 2010
    My Rating: 54321

    “I love this album! Roots is an autobiography set to music, and clearly demonstrates Laurie’s diverse and deeply personal composing styles as well as her mastery of the piano. A classically-trained pianist since the age of four, her touch is warm and expressive. Everything about this album rings true and real, and I hope it is the first of many solo piano recordings from this dynamic composer and artist.”

    ~ Kathy Parsons

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