Soul Whispers
  • Released: March 11, 2015
  • 12 track(s)

  Beautiful piano solo arrangements of Chabad nigunim that stirs the heart and touches the soul.


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  • Yael

    Yael November 6, 2015
    My Rating: 54321

    Master pianist Shoshana Michel has created a lovely collection of classical piano arrangements based on Chassidic melodies (niggunim). Her playing is graceful and flowing and her tone is rich and resonant. The total effect really does touch your soul.

    I love this CD and I have it in regular rotation for car rides, to relax and enjoy the drive, and to sing along with beautiful piano backing me up! It’s also a great mood-fixer for children. Everyone immediately takes a deep breath and feels calmer when I play it.

    Shoshana’s music would create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding reception or other occasion. My daughter will actually be getting married in a few weeks and this is one of two CDs that we plan to use during quieter moments between live music sets.

    These piano renditions are very easy on the ears listening to them makes me feel transported to a meditative and soulful place, as niggunim should do.

    Whether or not you are already familiar with the melodies, I think everyone would enjoy these gorgeous performances and feel moved by them. The heart and soul of this music are the niggunim, but it is also just beautiful classical-style music.

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