Album of the Year


The 2012 Category Winners

2012 "Contemporary & Modern" Album of the Year 

A Love So Divine -  Robby Davis

(*Runner-Up - Journeys - Michael Hagglund)

2012 "Classical / Modern Classical" Album of the Year

Light and Dark Gary Girouard

2012 "Christmas and Holiday" Album of the Year

Pianissimo Christmas - Kim Deardorff 

2012 "Jazz" Album of the Year

Reflections in Black and White Kareem Powell

2012 "Christian" Album of the Year

Beautiful Shore - Solo Piano Hymns - Jeremy Yowell

2012 "Other" Album of the Year

Road Home - Brad Jacobsen

2012 "Solo Piano Compilation" Album of the Year

The Best of Reviews New Age - The Piano's 2012 Overall "Album of the Year" - Gary Girouard - The Naked Piano "Light and Dark"!


The 2011 Album of the Year Nominations and WINNERS

Contemporary and Modern

Possibilities -  Ryan Marvel

Equinox - Ralph Zurmuhle

Why Not Solo Piano - Edgar Rothermich


Flying Machines - John Otott

Travels - Doug Hammer

2011 "Classical" Album of the Year Nominees

Romantische Klaviermusic - Klaus Weber

Pure Piano - Kai Miano

Infinitive - IWO

The Piano - Chad Lawson - CATEGORY WINNER!

Magical Journey - Oksana

If Only - Rahn

2011 "Christmas and Holiday" Album of the Year Nominees

Peaceful Christmas - Louis Landon

 Christmas Plain & Simple II - Michele McLaughlin

Season Traditions George Skaroulis - CATEGORY WINNER!

Winter's Light - Victoria Salmon

Solo Piano Christmas - Chad Lawson

A Piano Christmas - Joseph Akins

2011 "Jazz" Album of the Year Nominees

Nuance - Lisa Hilton

Soul Eyes - Alva Nelson

Calma - Omar Sosa - CATEGORY WINNER!

2011 "Other" Album of the Year Nominees

Breaking Through - Richard Pierce Milner - CATEGORY WINNER!

Every Thought of You - Rhonda Bennet

Face to Face - Marc Clement

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