June 29, 2011

Help our Cause!

Do you enjoy the music you hear on SoloPiano.com? Would you consider a small donation to The Stream?" If so…we are excited to announce that we can now accept donations (of any kind or amount) via paypal through most major credit card transactions around the world! Just click on the above "donate" button.

Before making your donation, a couple of things to note:

1) Your donation will go towards 2 major expenses that we face on a monthly basis:

- The monthly fees that we pay to Live365.com to support The Stream at SoloPiano.com.

- The monthly hosting costs we incur to support the large amount of files, data, and security.

2) We pride ourselves on offering this high quality platform for free. Any donation if even a couple of dollars will truly help us out!

Thank you for your continued support of SoloPiano.com as we climb towards our Vision "To Touch Lives on a Universal Stage!"


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