February 23, 2011

Upgrade Tonight - Capacity Increasing

Tonight we made another exciting upgrade to The Stream at SoloPiano.com! We have once again increased our capacity to our 24/7 Broadcast of streaming solo piano music! This upgrade, will allow even more people to listen to our station simultaneously throughout the day. Our most recent numbers indicated that in the last 30 days along, we have had over 125 countries launch The Stream! This growth would not be possible without your continued support!

As we continue to expand our listening audience, and our capacity, please continue to support the artists that share their music on both SoloPiano.com and The Stream! Your support via advertising, financial, and word of mouth, is making a huge difference to the artists. It is also allowing beautiful solo piano music to be streamed worldwide!

Finally a very special Thank you to all who have donated to SoloPiano.com! Our growth would not be possible without you! Enjoy the new upgrade, and we hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful music at SoloPiano.com!


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