April 1, 2011

Tonight we CELEBRATE!

It was one year ago this evening that we launched our new platform at SoloPiano.com. Though we have been live for 11 years, our updated functionality has brought to fruition exciting and new possibilities.

So what have we accomplished? Just to name a few…

- Over100 artists from around the world have joined SoloPiano.com including the great George Winston, Canada’s Stephan Moccio, and France’s Galya.

- “The Stream” at SoloPiano.com is consistently being launched in over 125+ countries per month, with listeners signing up daily.

- We continue to feature solo piano players from around the world.

In one year’s time, we have traveled far, and…we have just begun! Our vision continues to be…to touch lives on a universal stage. That is what we strive to be. We know that our core values combined with the support from the talented artists and loyal listeners will get us to there.

As we move forward, we want to take a moment to thank you for all of your support in making SoloPiano.com a beautiful experience for listeners and artists. It is your donations and support that are continuing to make this happen.

Please continue to let others know about SoloPiano.com and our 24/7 solo piano broadcast “The Stream”.


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