August 1, 2011

Through the Window

We’ve all walked into that coffee shop, smelling the beans…the jo…the espresso machines and the frothy milk warming up….shhhhhhh....all the while hearing that music in the background to assist in our caffeinated beverage bliss.

Well, go to Mark Shearer’s website and what are you going to see?’re gonna see…a couple shots of espresso with the saying on the front page "The Perfect Complement to a Cup of Coffee"....He nailed it! Yes, it’s true…Mark Shearer’s Album Through the Window is in fact a PERFECT complement to a cup of coffee….ahem…I’m drinking Tea at the moment, and it’s a great complement to that as well. Do not fret my fellow tea drinkers…this is an equal opportunity hot/cold beverage complementary CD delight!

Though this album is perfect for most any time of day or night, I say your sweet spot is going to be with a cup of jo in your hand, weekend paper ruffled out on the checkered wood table, and it’s about 10:35am on a Saturday…listening to this CD is going to have your spirits high, leaving your worries back in the week before, and looking forward to a day of "you" and the fun possibilities soon to be accompanying.

"Snoopin Around"...first song on Mark’s album….take a listen and try not to smile….ok…maybe you’ll be able to in face of the dare, however if you loosen up a bit, you’ll know what I’m talkin about!

This album is not afraid to calm you down a bit…just when you think you’ve reached your caffeine high after sunrise, the title song "Through the Window" comes at you. You’re at full attention and this song reminds you that it’s ok…life is beautiful…don’t take it serious, and look out to the sunshine, and give a smile back to the person walking past the coffee shop window.

For those liking to share a conversation with a loved one, or in your apartment overlooking the city shortly after sun down…Mark’s song "City Lights" sets the mood…

Mark is not afraid to use his jazz influence to arouse humor, heart, and happiness. There is a journey that Mark has taken to get to this album, and he shares it beautifully. For those that appreciate jazz, and want an all around "feel good" solo piano album, Through the Window is a must. Several of Mark’s selections have been added to The Stream at highly recommends this album. Great job, Mark!


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