November 17, 2011

The Path of Peace

The Path of Peace is a VisionSound Collaboration produced by solo piano artist Ben Dowling and visual artist Mark Wagner. The CD contains the very soothing and patient compositions of Ben Dowling. In addition, you are able to turn the CD over and it is now a DVD to be played on your entertainment system at home…watching the stunning visual art of Mark, while listening to the piano sounds of Ben.

The first song is Alone. This song is a perfect introductory piece for the collaboration. Peaking your curiosity from the beginning, it is a favorite of the album. Both the composition and the art are truly well done. Along with its beauty, it has an interesting story behind it, which you can read about on the DVD..straight from Ben’s perspective and how the song came alive. It’s cool to read Ben’s explanation on the DVD. He goes on to make note of the “pedal down” respect to the raw nature of the music and noting the “little noises and thought processes revealed.” Those of us who have recorded solo piano in studio, know well what Ben is saying.

Another very well done composition is In Passing. Some of the artwork from this collaboration reminded me of childhood. Simple sketches that in completion of the composition amounted to community…and a completed form. A sort of time passed…simplicity at the minute level, yet complex at the macro..refocusing us on the lines, brush strokes, and colors that boast a brilliance as the piece brings us deeper. This composition is like many other’s on the album in that there is an intriguing sense of closure on many of these pieces.

Visual people will love this collaboration. It’s a perfect CD/DVD to have on during the intimate wine get-togethers, as the flat screen on the wall portrays these beautiful yet “not so busy” images. Enough to set the mood and ambience, to catch the eye of the artist lover….yet not too distracting.

Both artists on this project show a mutual respect and trust…a complimentary collaboration…there is no creative struggles in the partnership with this experience. recommends this very well done collaboration! Nice job Ben and Mark!


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