April 6, 2021

The 2020 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year WINNER

We are so excited to name our 2020 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Overall Winner. This past year has been extraordinary. Though the worldwide pandemic challenged all of us in ways unseen, it was still a truly amazing year of music, specifically solo piano music. As we mentioned in our last announcement, our Category Winners & Runners Ups for The 2020 Album of the Year, represented 6 different countries, in 6 different categories. We tip our hat to every single submission, composer, producer, and artist who continue to create.

It is with great pleasure to announce our Congratulations to the 2020 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Overall Winner

Matej Mestrovic - Piano Waves - Zagreb, Croatia

We are thrilled to recognize a true piano great, Matej Mestrovic, and his album Piano Waves, as this year’s album of the year. Mestrovic has proven humbly to be one of the most versatile and engaging piano artists and composers to come out of Croatia. In addition Matej’s way of giving back (including a concert in awareness of the disastrous earthquake that hit the capital city of Zagreb last year), is just one small piece of the attractive way Mestrovic approaches his love of music.

In a recent post Mestrovic says of Composing, Composing music is actually like meditating. Music wants you to be hers. To open up to her, to accept her and somehow to embrace her. But if you are not sincere and committed, she seems to leave you immediately. And then you can’t catch her for a long, long time. But if you are loyal to her, she gives you more and more minute by minute. In such moments, time, nor real life does not exist anymore…”

Congratulations, Matej Mestrovic!

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