March 15, 2021

The 2020 Album of the Year Nominees!

We have just announced the 2020 Album of the Year Nominations. We typically have released this list a month prior, but given the worldwide pandemic, we had some obstacles to overcome before finally announcing. We are ready!
Every year, our mailbox is full of solo piano album submissions from around the world. And even in a year of extreme change and uncertainty, so many albums continue to be released. We tip our hat to all of the artists, the creators, the musicians sharing their love with the world.

Our nominees for The 2020 Album of the Year, represented 11 different countries, in 6 different categories. Astounding!

We will be announcing the Category Winners, for the 2020 Album of the Year on Tuesday, March 30th.

The Overall Album of the Year will be announced on Tuesday, April 6th!

Congratulations to the 2020 Album of the Year Nominees…

You Can Also Listen to a selection from all of the below at our Official Spotify Playlist Here: (Please share and follow the playlist as well!)

2020 “Classical” Album of the Year Nominees

Juan Maria Solare - Numbered Places - Bremen, Germany

Matej Mestrovic - Piano Waves - Zagreb, Croatia

David King - Solitude - Toronto, Canada

Gary Schmidt - A Classical Meditation - USA

Gerald Krampl - Storybook: Wondrous Tales Without Words (Solo Piano) - Vienna

Marc-Andre Pepin - Hibernation - Quebec City

Ben Dockery - Remembrance: 12 Meditations for Piano - USA

Phillip Campbell - Songs for Elodie - Northern Ireland

Michael Mills - Reflections of Home - USA

2020 “Contemporary and Modern” Album of the Year Nominees

Janice Faber - Open Water - USA

Laura Christie Wall - In This Moment - United Kingdom

Brad Jacobsen - Shadowlight - USA

Kendra Logozar - Equilibrium - USA

David Lanz - Water Sign - Cyprus

Shoshana Michel - Impressions - USA

Louis Landon - Panama Piano - USA

Michele McLaughlin - Sketches - USA

Stephen Wallack - Stories - USA

2020 “Jazz” Album of the Year Nominees

Andy Wasserman - The Seven Vertical Scales - USA

Alan Pasqua - Day Dream - USA

Andy Wasserman - Flowers - USA

2020 “Holiday” Album of the Year Nominees

Tiffany Hobson - A Simple Christmas II - USA

Holly Jones - The Christmas Piano - USA

Roger Evernden - Deep and Crisp and Even - A Felt Piano Collection of Traditional Christmas Songs - United Kingdom

Matthew Labarge - Comfort & Joy - USA

Hakan Ali Toker - Christmas Songs All Wrong - Turkey

2020 “Christian” Album of the Year Nominees

Kendra Logozar - Quiet Piano Hymns - USA

Tom Bajoras - By Day or By Night - USA

Tiffany Hobson - Hymns of Faith - USA

2020 “Other (Covers, Cross Genres, Other Inspired, or With Instrumentation)” Album of the Year Nominees

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Moving Through Worlds - Australia

Michael Logozar - Currents - USA

Reis Taylor Dixon - Awake to Dream - United Kingdom

Elijah Bossenbroek - Adapt - USA

Virginio Aiello - Piano Songs for Children - Cosenga, Italy

Pam Asberry - Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs - USA

Eric Bikales - Fire in the Clouds - USA

Connor Chee - Scenes from Dinetah - USA

Jeff Kinder - Triumph - USA