February 11, 2020

The 2019 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominees!

We have just announced the 2019 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominations. This year proved to be an amazing submission of some of the best piano talent in the world. Our nominees for this year Album of the Year, represent 13 (YES 13!) different countries, in 6 different categories. That is a record!

We will be announcing the Category Winners, for the 2019 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year on Tuesday, Feb 25th.

The Overall SoloPiano.com Album of the Year will be announced on Tuesday, March 3rd!

Congratulations to the 2019 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominees…

You Can Also Listen to many of the below nominees and more on our Official Spotify Playlist Here:

2019 “Classical” Album of the Year Nominees

Balkan Madness BH Edition - Bartolomej Stankovic, Bosnia/Herzegovnia

Memories of Home - Melany Thompson, Australia

Mozart Piano Sonatas Vol. I - Jean Muller, Germany

Piano Works: Portrait of an Imaginary Beloved - Pedram Babaiee, Iran

Bridges from Chopin to Piazzolla - Rosa Antonelli, Argentina

Piano Evocations - Prof. Lacasse, Canada

Classical Crossover - Greg Maroney, USA

Where Giants Roam the Earth - Milana Zilnik, Ukraine/Canada

2019 “Contemporary and Modern” Album of the Year Nominees

Il Mare - Antonija Pacek, Vienna/Austria/Europe

Restless Wind - George Winston, USA

Kaleidoscope - Michael Logozar, USA

Art on the Piano - Holly Jones, USA

As Time Passes - Ralph Zurmuhle, Switzerland

In the Soft Light of Grace - David Nevue, USA

Generous Night, Redeem - Ryan Marvel, USA

Encounters with the Moon - George David Kieffer, USA

2019 “Jazz” Album of the Year Nominees

Transparencies - Luiz Simas - Rio de Janeiro/USA

Piano2 - Doug Hammer, USA

Solo Piano Space Traveler - Louis Landon, USA

2019 “Holiday” Album of the Year Nominees

A Classical Christmas Courtship - Janine De Lorenzo, Australia/USA

Saintes nuits / Silent Night - Marc-Andre Pepin, Canada

A Peace Filled Christmas - Julie Hanney, USA

2019 “Christian” Album of the Year Nominees

Waiting’s End Solo Piano Vol. I - KeithTim Anderson - USA

Through the Rain - Thad Fiscella, USA

All The Day Long - Christi Stills, USA

Near The Cross - Ben Dockery, USA

Immersion - Tim Glemser, USA

2019 “Other (With Instrumentation, Covers, Cross Genres)” Album of the Year Nominees

Andreas Froberg - Medications, Sweden

Renee Michele - The Space Within, USA

Philip Daniel - Re: Gradient, USA

Javi Lobe - Piano Stories, Spain

Christine Brown - Timeless Covers, USA

William Ogmundson - Forevermore, USA

Dan Chadburn - Love Themes for SoloPiano, Washington DC

Rebecca Hass - Florescer, USA