January 4, 2012

Telling Your Story

If you are like most artists, or if you have ever applied for a job…writing about "YOU" can be a daunting task. Whether it’s for a mailing piece to be included in a press kit, the famous "bio" page on your website, or your cover letter on your resume, Your Story, can be a tough one to present….and ultimately sell.

Today we have so many things battling for our attention. We see information in small tidbits and process that information in quick increments of time. This can make your bio page tough to create as you invite someone in to your life, and your story….keeping them engaged with YOU.

SoloPiano.com recommends a few simple things to consider when composing your bio, (musician or not). These bullet points translate into anyone lookins to pitch themselves.

1) Be true to who you are. Don’t tell someone else’s story, Tell your story! Yes, always consider your target market on who your story is being told to…but avoid talking about your leather chaps, when you drive a Honda. (unless you do in fact like to wear leather chaps driving your Honda…there’s nothing wrong with that!) People know when they are reading something not "genuine". Be You!

2) Get to the point. That’s great that you won the spelling bee contest in first grade and all (I was actually beat in the final round as I spelled "right" when I was supposed to spell "write"...but thats’ another story)...What does your audience need to know about you? Like a job interview, you only have a "small window" of time. Get to the point and be sure you let people know what YOU want them to know.

3) Quotes and reviews. Just like job references, "quotes from notable people in your industry" are powerful! What do movie trailers use on a "highly paid" TV spot?...Hard to find one that doesn’t have a quote flashing on the screen. They mix Quotes with the Story…in a matter of seconds. They know they have only seconds to "sell" you into that movie theater. Think about if your story was a "trailer"...what does it look and sound like?

For more information on writing a bio, check out this article from Discmakers.com blog. It’s focus is writing a bio on a press kit, but has some good info. Good Luck!


Matthew Mayer, SoloPiano.com Editor


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