January 3, 2013

Solo Piano Album of the Year - 2012 Nominations

The 2012 SoloPiano.com Album of the Year Nominations

2012 was another tremendous year of solo piano music, compositions, stories, and achievements. All artists who submitted their music to SoloPiano.com in 2012 should be proud of their creative accomplishments! The fact is that the solo piano genre is thriving throughout the world and the below are just a few of the many notable productions…the many dreams being accomplished and shared.

As always, albums submitted at the beginning of 2012, (which may have been recorded prior to that year) were also considered for this year’s solo piano album of the year nominations.

We appreciate all of the music submitted this past year, and look forward to 2013!

Category Winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 28th

Among each category there will be one album chosen as that categories’ Album of the Year. From the remaining 6 finalists, there will be one overall “Album of the year” announced.

The SoloPiano.com’s 2012 “Album of the Year” will be announced on Tuesday, February 5th

2012 “Contemporary & Modern” Album of the Year Nominees

A Love So Divine - Robby Davis

Journeys - Michael Hagglund

Painted Echoes - Tim Glemser

Hammer and Wire - Neil Patton

A Wild Beauty - Rhonda Mackert

Masako - Masako

Breathing in the Moment - Michele McLaughlin

The Wishing Well - Christine Brown

2012 “Classical / Modern Classical” Album of the Year Nominees

11 Pieces on The Piano - Benjamin Dunnett

Light and Dark - Gary Girouard

Feelinks - J.M Quintana Camara

Key of Dreams - Galya

2012 “Christmas and Holiday” Album of the Year Nominees

Peace Joy Noel - Janice Faber

Christmas - Kevin Kern

Let There Be Joy - Cathy Oakes

Pianissimo Christmas - Kim Deardorff

2012 “Jazz” Album of the Year Nominees

Reflections in Black and White - Kareem Powell

Seasons - Connor Hill

2012 “Christian” Album of the Year Nominees

Life Reflections - Jason Tonioli

Beautiful Shore - Jeremy Yowell

2012 “Other” Album of the Year Nominees

Somewhere in Romance - Dorothy Axelrod

The Lake Studies - Lar Duggan

Road Home - Brad Jacobsen

2012 Best Solo Piano Compilation Album

The Best of Reviews New Age - The Piano

Produced by Alejandro Clavijo