February 28, 2018

Robin Spielberg Releases Her 18th Album - On The Edge of a Dream!

There is a magical moment that occurs nightly. It is one we never feel and are unable to recall: it is the moment that takes us from our waking life into our sleep state. While this moment between wakefulness and sleep is nothing short of magical, it is one we never can personally witness for ourselves. I am intrigued by this moment. Here is music I created to celebrate this moment when we are on the edge of our dreams. - Robin Spielberg

On the Edge of a Dream is Robin Spielberg’s latest recording of solo piano pieces. All fourteen pieces on the album were completely improvised “in the moment” and recorded on an exquisite 1898 Steinway Grand at Cedarhouse Sound in New Hampshire. “Since so many listeners have told me over the years that they use my music for medical therapies, relaxation and daydreaming, I thought I’d take that a step further and create a recording specifically designed to lull the listener into a very peaceful state,” says Robin.

She continues, “this was all possible because I had recorded at Cedarhouse often over the past few decades, and am extremely comfortable with the sound engineer, Gerry Putnam. He’s become a close friend. I don’t think I could have made myself that vulnerable any place else. He simply pressed record and I dreamed through the music. I played for several hours. The CD contains what I think is the best of that session.”

As a national artist celebrity spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association, Spielberg is very aware of the impact music can have on the physical, emotional and spiritual self. While reluctant to describe her music as “healing,” she does believe that the right song at the right time can resonate deeply with the listener. “This recording is free flowing and dreamy.” Robin’s use of the piano’s the una corda and sustenuto pedals create ambient textures conducive to relaxation, massage, yoga and other calming activities. “I have had many people around me experience a tough year; they all said they would be interested in a Robin Spielberg project that was calming in nature. This is it.”

Having documented her own dreams since she was a child, Spielberg created a companion Dream Journal for chronicling dreams. It includes spaces for sketching dreams, lined spaces for recording nighttime adventures, and inspirational dream quotes. The CD and journal ship for free on her web site for $23. Both are also available on Amazon.com.

On the Edge of a Dream is Robin’s 18th studio recording!


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