December 4, 2014

Ralph Zurmuhle

Now featuring nationally acclaimed Swiss pianist, Ralph Zurmuhle and his album, Reflections!

Read the following excerpt from his Wikipedia Page:

Ralph Zurmühle (or Zurmuhle), Swiss composer and pianist, discovered his natural talent for the piano at the early age of five. He fostered it over decades with jazz and classical music studies. Ralph’s 4 CDs, composed mostly for piano, have been met with international critical acclaim. His first CD Between was released in 2000, Communion followed in 2003 and Our Mother in 2007. His fourth CD eQuinox, published in 2011, is produced and distributed by Valley Entertainment, New York. His most recent CD Reflections was released in 2014. Compositions from these CDs have been featured in films and multi-media projects worldwide. For more than twenty years Ralph has been scoring music for film and performing solo piano concerts, mostly playing his own repertoire.

"As it is with great music, Zurmühle’s music creates silence. We are left in silence, silence opens around us. And within this vast desert, a journey begins, a journey of adventure and discovery, but also a journey of return." - Andrés Ibáñez, classical music critic of ABC (newspaper), Madrid.

"25 years after the glory days of the solo piano genre sparked by artists like Keith Jarrett and George Winston, the solo piano album remains an elusive undertaking: very easy to do - very hard to do well. Swiss pianist Ralph Zurmühle is one of those rare artists, who does it sublimely well, with great sensitivity to touch, melody, and ambience. Listen and you will find yourself in the hands of a master." - Stephen Hill, Producer of Hearts of Space Radio


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