September 17, 2012

Planting Seeds

A couple days ago I received an email from a very talented artist on He just released his first solo album (Journeys), and started hitting the streets to search out venues in hopes to perform his music. As you can see below, he landed a gig which was a great accomplishment (even with no pay and just being able to sell CDs, but that is another blog topic!); however, what stood out to me was the asterisk example he provided in the next paragraph:


Hi Matt,

Thanks for asking about my gig. It’s a library concert on October 11th, and I just approached my local library to see if they’d be interested, which they were. No pay, but I can sell my CD’s that evening. Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

**Prior to that though I gave the library my CD and didn’t think much of it, just thinking that they’d make it available to local patrons. Instead they got the CD entered into Nassau County NY’s library database, so now my CD is available countywide through interlibrary loan! I think this might be a promotional avenue that’s not often considered, and I chanced upon it accidentally.

I might visit some other county libraries and give out copies since the album is already in the database. Maybe it’ll increase my exposure a bit.

Also, some very good news. My album just this week got accepted by Pandora!

Be well,


Notice which paragraph took up the majority of the topic and email. It was regarding a library database for Nassau County New York. Notice the big name radio station also included on that email??....Pandora. That took up a sentence.

After reading this, I knew that this artist understood the importance of planting seeds. In other words, the importance of “planting” your music in places as unique and diverse as possible, whenever possible. The more times you do this (the more seeds you plant with your music), the more your music garden will grow over time. This artist not only planted a seed by approaching the local library, but now has something permanent that goes beyond that one night performance. He has music stationed in the library. He planted a seed in a database that could last for years and years to come.

There is something very cool about when a seed is planted. You never know when that seed will bloom and what that seed will become. It may grow into something within months, or a decade from now, an unexpected and inquisitive soul will walk into a library in Nassau County. That soul will go to the music database and give a certain piano CD a listen; that soul will be moved by the sounds of something recorded many years earlier, and inspiration will strike…from there another seed will be planted.

One of my seeds was planted during a journey to California in early 2000’s. I wrote a song called “No Regrets” and recorded it on my Beyond Album. 7 years later, (over 2,555 days later) that song would be chosen to become the Title song of the motion picture film “Earthwork” starring Academy Award Nominee John Hawkes….some seeds just take longer than others to grow, to sprout, and to make known their beauty.

Your music, writing, creative and entrepreneurial journey is a garden. The more seeds you plant in that garden, the better chance over time, your venture will bear much fruit.

Be patient. Be Yourself. Plant Seeds Often.



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