August 20, 2012

Oksana’s New Book! Artist, Oksana releases new book! Read the Los Angeles Press Release, and support her new project!!


New, How to Make Money Book by Top Musician and Teacher - Increase Income, Get Ahead, Make Over $100,000 Part Time

LOS ANGELES – Oksana Kolesnikova, internationally-known pianist, composer, and owner of Oksana School of Music, announces the launch of her new e-book, “How I Make Over $100,000 a Year Working Part Time as a Musician – And, How You Can, Too!” for musicians and music teachers at all professional levels seeking to effectively increase income and expand their business.

Based on her personal experiences building a successful career on her own, Kolesnikova wrote this book to help musicians and music teachers stay in the creative business they love by earning a solid income. Her book, “How I Make Over $100,000 a Year Working Part Time as a Musician – And, How You Can, Too!” is a condensed and practical “how to” guide.

In clear steps, Kolesnikova shares her successful and easily-adaptable guidance to help musicians and music teachers increase their income above the $100K mark with effective strategies. Meeting a great need to bring practical, business knowledge to the artist, she reveals key steps to help increase and maintain bookings, perform in higher-paying venues, effectively promote, and grow a profitable teaching business that by far surpasses what one teacher can do alone.

Kolesnikova performs regularly throughout Southern California in notable, high-visibility venues, at private events and on the international stage. She has developed multiple streams of revenue including a school of music with instruction for several instruments and students across the globe. She has appeared countless times on television as a performer and expert. Kolesnikova also made two world tours performing for U.S. Troops. She has recorded music with other artists. Her original compositions have been recorded by international artists, and her list of recordings is extensive.

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