June 19, 2018

Now Featuring the talented Pam Asberry!

​We are excited to be featuring the piano talents of Pam Asberry and her album “Seashells in My Pocket”!

For those of you who like to know the stories behind solo instrumental pieces, then the below is definitely for you! The below songs are Pam’s original compositions, with a short brief sentence on what is the meaning behind each song!


Like shells plucked from the seashore and tucked into my pocket as souvenirs from a magical day at the beach, these pieces evoke memories of some of the beautiful islands and coastal cities I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Cozumel Blue Waters

A musical picture of the mesmerizing blue waters of Cozumel, Mexico, which reflect a myriad of colors from light blue to turquoise to navy blue and every shade in between.

Wishing Stones

Based on the Aruba tradition of building stacks of small stones on the beach and making a wish on each stone.

Island Cathedral

A hymn-like piece inspired by the beautiful Alto Vista Chapel in Aruba.

Sleepy Tide

A lullaby of ocean sounds.

Moonlight over Moorea

Gazing at the reflection of the moon in the waters off the island of Moorea,

French Polynesia.

Dunn’s River Falls

Tells the story of the terrifying climb up the famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and the thrill experienced upon finally reaching the top.

Palm Trees Sway

The tinkling sound the palm leaves make as they flutter in a gentle ocean breeze.

Mysterious Caverns

Inspired by the mystical Hato Caverns, Curacao, where there are 1500-year old petroglyphs left behind by the Amerindian Arawaks and eerily lit stalactites and stalagmites.

Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Watching the sun set from the coast of Maine in Acadia National Park.

The Mermaid’s Tears

Inspired by the legend of the mermaid who tamed the seas to save the life of a sailor and was banished by Neptune to the ocean depths.

Monterey Morning

Reminiscences of a lovely summer morning spent in Monterey, California.

Ocean Stars

A sound painting of the sun shining brightly on the ocean surface, creating glittering stars in the daytime.

Sailing Home

A reflection on a journey coming to an end, mixed with the anticipation of a return to the comforts of home.


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