July 4, 2018

Michael Bohne

Debut Solo Piano Album from Emergent Artist Michael Bohne Now Available

In The Distance, A Solo Piano And Concept Record

ALBANY, NY – In The Distance is the debut full-length solo piano album from solo piano artist, Michael Bohne following his 2014 EP Disenchanted. You can now visit www.michaelbohne.com or any music streaming platform to find it.

“In making the album, the fundamental goal was always to create beautiful solo piano music ⎯ and that goal was achieved ⎯ but it’s important to recognize In The Distance did take a step beyond that,” said Bohne. “With inspiration from some of my favorite music, shows, films and the many stories told throughout, the album was produced with a loose setting in mind and complementary themes.”

Setting & Concept: A global, extinction level event is certain and close in time. Few will survive, those that do will slowly fade away. Developed under this focus, this concept album explores the thought of living your life haunted by the ticking of a clock in the aftermath of a horrible truth revealed.

“I’ve always had an interest in sci-fi horror movies, and the music I’ve enjoyed most has typically had a distinct story or theme connecting it,” said Bohne. “In writing the music for this I wanted to create a concept record so that everyone could bring their own perspective. That was my commitment and focus throughout each song’s conception. However, these are piano solos and there’s no lyrics here to narrate a story for you. I wanted to recognize the intent and general inspirations behind it, but I’m interested in the different takeaways everyone will have.”

More On In The Distance: For each track on the record, when listening you can step into the context of the concept or reflect on each song from a personal perspective. The first track, When the Time Comes, sets the scene with the ticking of a clock on the evening of a thunderstorm. The rain stops and the track transitions into Regarding Stonehenge. Written after a trip with my wife to England and the Stonehenge site, the inspiration for the song comes from the historic mystery of the formation and the one idea of it being a calendar, or what it could reveal if its true intentions were someday known.

Never Looking Back explores the theme of making difficult, defining choices. An earlier single released, Taking the Scenic Route, included in the album’s contrasting dark setting is a distinct song that captures emotions tied to living in the moment and making the best of a situation. The record’s loose concept unfolds throughout its 11 tracks, and it ends on a somber song, When the Stars Disappeared, that closes the story a listener could imagine. It emulates emotions tied to a sendoff, an ending or a long goodbye.

FAQs: Where was In The Distance Recorded?

Blue Sky Studios in Delmar, NY. I really enjoy the character of the studio’s Chickering & Sons Anniversary Grand. The piano here has had a long life and I’ve embraced some of its current imperfections. It has given my recordings a slightly divergent sound that I think is fantastic, it complements In The Distance very well.

How long have you been playing the piano?

The past 10 years, roughly. I always had an interest in music, but it’s not something I truly explored until later on in life. In 2011 my interest in the piano deepened. I participated and was the winner of a YouTube video contest that David Lanz hosted, the objective was to perform one of his songs in an online video, there was a voting process. I chose The Enchantment from his Painting the Sun album. With the prize, that July I had the opportunity to spend a week at the LaFond Conservatory of Music in Centralia Washington, for a small-group, music retreat that included private lessons and workshops with David. I have no idea if he would enjoy this project and how it turned out, but I walked away from that week at the Conservatory with a great deal of general encouragement and I met some extraordinary people. I also learned a great deal from the Conservatory’s Madame Sandra Zegzula, and very much appreciated her hospitality.

Can you read sheet music?

To a very limited degree. When I want to learn a new song, I’ll work from a mix of listening and reading what I can from digital PDF sheet music. I have a degenerative eyesight condition, retinitis pigmentosa. At a legally blind level of vision, if I can’t pick up the melody by ear, I can identify individual notes using enlarged digital sheet music and then I’ll listen to learn how a piece is played.

When writing a new song, I work from memory each time I sit down at the piano. To remember past ideas that aren’t on the surface any longer, I’ll make a rough recording on my phone. Getting everything professionally transcribed is something being worked on.

What are your biggest musical influences?

Very distant from solo piano music, most of my musical influences can be traced back to a mix of post-hardcore, alternative and progressive rock bands. The band and its music that has always been most important to me, is My Chemical Romance. As far as the piano goes, were it not for the music of David Lanz, I don’t think I would have ever even thought of writing for solo piano. I later on discovered many other solo piano and new age artists. There are many pianists that inspire me to do better and try new things each day.

More at www.MichaelBohne.com.