March 11, 2014

Lisa Hilton’s New Album!

"Lisa Hilton continues to shine with her abilities to embrace an instrument that has no obvious limits. Her latest release “Kaleidoscope” goes beyond the obvious solo piano, including instrumentation from other talented artists. However, Lisa Hilton's influential touch of jazz mixed with her energetic spirit of musical embrace, attracts the listener to her message and keeps you smiling along the way." - Matthew Mayer,

Lisa Hilton is no stranger to For the past couple of years her talent and compositions have been the spotlight on our Featured Artist Section, and it continues to be met with rave reviews. 

Glance through jazz papers, look through the popular jazz spots across this nation, and there is a strong chance, you will read the name “Lisa Hilton” and the popular reviews of her music. From years of performing, composing, and sharing her gift, Hilton's music only gets better.

Congratulations, Lisa, on another spectacular work!