April 13, 2015

Horizons - New Release!

HORIZONS includes twelve tracks: nine distinctive tunes composed by Lisa Hilton, which echo these ideas. From the straight ahead “Nocturnal” and Basie inspired, “Surfer Blues”, to the intrigue of “Vapors and Shadows” or the playfulness of “Dolphins” and “Perfect Day,” Hilton and her well – honed band bring a playlist of jazz styles. Tracks “The Sky and the Ocean” and “Lazy Moon,” as well the elegant arrangements of Duke Ellington’s gem, “Sunset and the Mocking Bird” (from his “Queen’s Suite”), and the Mercer/Mancini classic, “Moon River,” are where Hilton and the band shine with lush melodic soul, amply showcasing Allen’s seductive tones, Jone’s bell -like trumpet and Hilton’s shimmering piano. Royston and August contribute well throughout especially on The Black Keys, thumping “Gold on the Ceiling,” and the thoughtful, “Currents.” “When It Rains” highlights Hilton’s impressionistic solo piano soundscapes.

“There are a lot of great jazz pianists but Lisa Hilton takes a back seat to none of them.” World News


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