June 25, 2015

The .99 Cents that Changed Our World

You have probably heard our announcement on The Stream!

Do you know if all of our listeners Sponsoredjust $0.99 Cents a month - it would provide a world of impact to SoloPiano.com!

That’s a fact - it just takes $0.99 cents a month. (That’s cents….pennies)

By clicking on the button above and put a re-occuring payment of $0.99 cents a month (literally cents), you would make a tremendous impact.

Of course you can give a one time sponsorship of any amount you wish. This however hopes to provide the context needed on how much spare change can make a difference.

That change will go towards:

- monthly fees that we pay to Live365.com to support The Stream at SoloPiano.com.

- monthly hosting costs to support the large amount of files, data, and security of SoloPiano.com.

- Critical updates on the website of SoloPiano.com to enable our artists to provide updated bios, music players, and videos on their pages.

- Possibility of adding more Simultaneous Listener Capacity to The Stream at SoloPiano.com

Thank you!


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