November 26, 2014

David Lanz and Kristin Amarie release Forever Christmas!

Last year, had the privilege of interviewing one of the piano greats in the contemporary solo piano field. That musician was none other than David Lanz. If you haven't done so already, please be sure to read our special interview with David here!

Lanz gave us an intimate and beautiful background of his album “Movements of the Heart," which also went on to win the 2013 Album of the Year Award! 

Coming off the heels of this amazing work, David Lanz has once again embarked on a first in his creative career - with a start-to-finish collaboration, featuring a prominent vocalist. That vocalist is the superbly talented Kristin Amarie.

This duo will not only capture your ear, but also capture your hearts in time for the Holidays, in this beautiful piano/vocal collaboration titled “Forever Christmas!” Give it a listen, we highly recommend it!

Below is the Press Release of this exciting new release!


David Lanz, Best-Selling Piano Sensation, and Versatile Vocalist,

Kristin Amarie, Release “Forever Christmas”


For the globally beloved pianist and composer, David Lanz, Forever

Christmas is an album of firsts. It's the first recording the New Age

legend has created from start to finish with a songwriting

collaborator and his first prominently featuring a vocalist. It's also

Lanz's first release since relocating from his longtime home in the

Pacific Northwest to upstate New York.

As you may have already guessed, all of these firsts have

something—someone—in common: Kristin (pronounced Christine) Amarie, a

Norwegian-born vocalist who has, over the past few years, become not

only Lanz's musical partner but his partner in life. David and Kristin

met about three years ago when the singer came to one of Lanz's

workshops. From that unassuming encounter, their love and their desire

to make music together flowered. David made a guest appearance on

Amarie's debut album release, last year's Notes From a Journey, and

now Forever Christmas is the first full-length fruit of their personal

and working relationship.

“We decided we wanted to do a Christmas record primarily because last

winter was one of the worst on record,” says Lanz. “We were stuck in

the house and it was snowing like crazy and I said, ‘Let's write some

Christmas music.' That's why most of the album ended up being original

material. We picked two traditional songs because they're our mothers'

favorites: Kristin really wanted to do ‘Oh Holy Night' for her mom,

and ‘Silent Night' is my mom's favorite.”

Kristin, who has traveled extensively and lived in several countries,

is fluent in five languages, and sings part of “Silent Night” in the

original German. Another track, “A Thousand Lights (Nu Tändas Tusen

Juleljus),” is originally a Swedish-language song, sung here for the

first time in English by Amarie.

The rest of Forever Christmas was written collaboratively by David and

Kristin. The songs came to the pair—Lanz jokingly calls them the

“Sonny and Cher of New Age”—in different ways. “We were traveling a

lot so we even worked on one of them on the airplane,” says Amarie.

“The guy sitting next to us thought we were crazy.” Mostly, though,

the compositions arose either from melodic ideas or snippets of lyrics

and were then developed jointly by Lanz and Amarie.

“When I play the piano I think in terms of melody and the reason I do

that is because my left hand is the band,” says Lanz. “It's the bass

player and the drummer—and my right hand is the singer. That's how

I've always approached the piano and why I think my style is a little

different than some of the other ‘New Age' guys who just kind of

noodle. I actually try to write a song: an intro, a verse, a hook, a

chorus. So I'd start with a lyric and Kristin and I would talk about

things and then we'd turn it into music and she would come in. She's

really good at helping to shape the melody so once I had a basic idea

it was really a co-write.”

For Lanz, who has always been primarily an instrumental music

composer, writing with lyrics and a vocalist in mind was a welcomed

change. “It's kind of like I'm reinventing myself through Kristin,” he


“And,” adds Amarie quickly, “I'm developing through him.”

For Lanz, of course, the process of writing and recording music with

an equal partner is vastly different from the way he's created

throughout his long, stellar career, one which has seen multiple

best-selling recordings, sold-out concerts, shelves full of awards and

copious acclaim come his way. Forever Christmas is only Amarie's

second album-length release, but for her too the collaboration with

Lanz, whom she calls a “mentor,” marks a new way of looking at

music-making. “It's much more hands-on for me now,” she says. “This

one I was way more involved in the whole thing. David is absolutely

amazing. He knows everything and is so talented.”

As they were crafting the music that would become Forever Christmas,

David and Kristin were careful to avoid clichés in their writing and

overused cover choices—it's deliberate that there's no “Jingle Bells”

or “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” on the album. “It's about the

spiritual side of the holiday and a lot about love as well,” says

Kristin. “Christmas has become so commercialized. That's why in one of

the lyrics we ask, ‘What is Christmas?' At the very end the answer is

peace within. That's what the real message is supposed to be. I've

always wanted to do a Christmas record,” she adds, “since I was a kid.

To me, Christmas is the most romantic time of year.”

“We're not trying to cloak our feelings about Christmas in any arcane

ways,” adds Lanz, who adds that the title track, “Forever Christmas,”

was inspired by the passing of his longtime assistant Carol last fall.

“I made mention of friends who aren't with us anymore in the song, so

I have a sentimental attachment to it,” he says, adding, “Once I got

the phrase ‘Forever Christmas' locked into my head I thought it would

be a great title for the record. In some people's minds it is

Christmas forever.”

Once the material was written, David, with assistance from trusted

associate Chip Westerfield, recorded the piano at the home he and

Kristin share. The couple then flew back to Washington state, where

they teamed with David's brother and longtime right-hand man Gary

Lanz, who serves here as co-producer, engineer and mixer. After the

basic tracks were recorded at Gary's home studio, “Kristin came in and

sang like an angel,” Lanz says.

Among the contributing musicians are bassist Keith Lowe and cellist

Walter Gray, who contributed previously to Lanz's last release, the

Beatles tribute Liverpool, as well as guitarist Eric Tingstad and

woodwinds player Nancy Rumble. Additional guitar was provided by Gary Lanz and Alonzo Davideo.