November 12, 2010

Album Review - Chad Lawson Autumn Suite Vol. I

Sitting on the deck on an early Sunday afternoon. It’s late October. My daughter is taking a nap. An overcast covers the Midwest skies, a memory of childhood creeps in as I look at the leaves falling…crunching as couples take their stroll in the neighborhood, and kids biking along the park. There’s a CD playing through the kitchen window to enhance this moment…it’s solo piano artist Chad Lawson and his album Autumn Suite Vol. 1.

My favorite on this album is track 2..Autumn Suite II. This more than meditative melody is over 17 minutes with a beautifully colored solo piano reflection throughout the piece. This is highlighted with a splash of guitar by Troy Conn…not overpowering, it’s a nice mix.

For everything is a season…Autumn is experienced in this album!


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