March 1, 2011

2010 Album of the Year

The 2010 Album of the Year goes to George Winston’s release of “Love Will Come: The Music of Vince Guaraldi Vol. II.”

Within this album, you can read the history of a man whose musical inspirations are not only captured with a respectful tribute, but a heartfelt passion for the craftsmanship of legends. In this spectacular ‘tip-your-hat’ tribute to Guaraldi, Winston proves again to be one of history’s giants of solo piano.

You can almost picture Winston in that jazz club in Palo Alto in 1971. Meeting a musical hero and being invited to partake in the performance. Seventeen years later, music fate would approach Winston as an invitation to be the featured music of an original Peanuts (R)episode. The excitement of childhood dreams becoming a reality. George didn’t rest on that reality. He continues to create his own musical story with a strong, yet obvious, humble pursuit…all the while giving due respects to those that touched his musical core.

For so many, music reminds us of our childhood. Rushing to the store to get an album and listening to those melodies over and over. There’s not a better person to remind us of the genius of Guaraldi, and the passion that touched generations, than George Winston.