Xiren Wang

Xiren Wang

Manhattan, NY

When we moved into our new home in Newcastle, England, the double-manual keyboard became my favourite toy. I played on it all the time, terrifying my mother, so she sent me to a teacher to get properly trained.

A lot has changed since I was 5, but my passion & love for the piano has been the only constant in my life. I passed all grades of the exams at the age of 10, but was forced to a temporary stop when I turned 12. I restarted a couple years later, but it wasn’t until when I turned 18, did I finally meet a master, Dr Shelley Katz, Musician in Residence at Herstmonceux Castle, England. Under him, I started to train properly, and seriously. Since then, my life has changed…

I’ve been classically trained since 1993, but you’ll hear a different side of me when I’m on gigs at piano bars, high-end lounges, black-tie events, and Official Residences of diplomats. I aim for virtuosity and versatility.

I’ve performed in China, England, Canada, France, Belgium, and the US, where I am currently based. I’m privileged to be continuing my studies in advanced piano and composition at the Juilliard School, and when I’m not on set filming, I’m off set scoring for films.

I’m also a firm believer and passionate advocate of music therapy. After all, as artists, it’s never really about who we are that’s important, for narcissism is a death trap. Rather, to be able to make something out of ourselves, to be able to create art with what we are blessed with, and to be able to use that art to reach others, inspire, and affect change… to use art to express love, to heal, to warm, to light… now that is magical, and that’s what real art is.

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