Christine Brown

Christine Brown

San Diego, CA

Christine Brown is an award-winning composer and a distinguished Kawai Piano Artist. Her music is a unique blend of new age, contemporary and classical sounds. With her graceful, elegant touch, Christine paints a colorful landscape with thoughtful musical interpretations of life’s emotions and experiences. Christine was attracted to the piano at a very young age, her classical training is evident in her melodic and thematic compositions, while rich harmonies reflect her background in accompanying various choral groups. From Chopin to Joplin, her influences were varied and many, and she also enjoyed creating her own arrangements of popular songs. While attending the University of Colorado, earning a business degree, Christine was inspired by George Winston’s new age genre of solo piano. Yet for many years, the piano remained only a hobby. Christine rediscovered her passion for the piano after the loss of her mother in 1990. She began composing, immersing herself into her music, using the piano to voice her emotions, releasing heartfelt compositions that captured listeners.

Christine has released 14 albums, and her latest CD, “Timeless”, is the second collection of pop/rock cover songs, arranged and uniquely blended with classical pieces. “Seamless” (2016), her first creative mashup album, was awarded’s Pop/Rock Piano Album of the Year 2016, featuring unique fusions of popular cover songs woven into a seamless musical tapestry with clever medleys of timeless melodies. Christine also composes her own music,  with original works reflecting “a mixture of passion, exceptional technique and an abundance of grace which consistently puts her music in a category of its own. . . the pieces express a wide range of emotions and experiences with depth, sincerity and an elegant touch”, Christine’s original compositions on “Souvenirs” (2014) won Best Solo Piano Album of the Year by Whisperings ”Ascend” (2017), “The Wishing Well” (2011) and “Promise” ( 2009), were also nominated for Piano Album of the Year. Reviewers have noted Christine’s music as “so stunning and full flowing, with wonderfully crafted compositions and magical and emotive performances. Her care and attention to detail while creating such incredibly powerful and moving pieces will not go unnoticed”, One World Music. In addition, Christine has created unique mashup arrangements of holiday favorites and children’s music, with “A Classic Christmas II” awarded Best Holiday Album of 2018 by

Christine’s style of playing has a unique classical influence with a new age sensitivity that evokes strong emotions. Inspired by her life experiences and emotions, Christine creates captivating music that tells a story. Fans write, “Her music is vibrant, colorful and full of life. Skilled at the art of blending chords and note progressions into beautiful aural tapestries, her emotions come through her music ... and through her music she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of millions of appreciative piano music fans.” Christine currently resides in San Diego, California. Enjoy her music on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, and most internet and cable/satellite stations.  CDs and sheet music available at

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