Tobin Mueller

Tobin Mueller

Southern Connecticut/NYC Metro area

Tobin Mueller is a composer, interpretive pianist and NYC Dramatist Guild playwright. He has appeared on over 41 albums. His latest recording, AT THE PIANO, is a 2-volume collection of his best original piano recordings, including 3 new compositions.

“Combines modal jazz with Romanticism and Impressionistic styles, creating a unique sound. Emotionally stirring and creatively inventive, Mueller’s dynamic virtuosity comforts as it thrills. The music washes over the listener with an uplifting flow, even as it surprises and informs.” - Jazziz Magazine

INSTEAD OF HEAVEN is a collection of original solo piano meditations inspired by Greek myths. The music ranges from New Age to post-bop, melding Romanticism, Impressionism and Jazz. “Inventive, sensual, flowing with grace and contemplative ease,” writes one reviewer. “Challenging yet accessible, Mueller’s music is never predictable and always takes us someplace new and surprising.”

“One piano, one player. And the result is gorgeous. Blending classical Romanticism and contemporary jazz vibes, ambience and adventure, understatement and ornateness, he bares his musical soul. If there were such a thing as magic in the world, indeed, this is it.” - Dave Franklin, U.K. Album Reviews

His most notable collection may be THE MASTERWORKS TRILOGY, in which he interprets Bach, Chopin and Debussy, respectively. FLOW (the Bach double album) includes 2 original piano jazz suites Mueller composed as an homage - the album was listed among Fanfare Magazine’s 2015 Notable Recordings. OF TWO MINDS (the Chopin album) includes 3 original sonatas inspired by Chopin Preludes - listed among Fanfare Magazine’s 2016 Notable Recordings. The 3rd in the trilogy, IMPRESSIONS OF WATER AND LIGHT, was awarded Album of The Year by (in the “Other” category - Mueller’s cross-genre work is difficult to categorize.) Other notable piano albums include: AFTERWORDS, 13 MASKS and MORNING WHISPERS. Mueller’s Christmas album, MIDWINTER BORN, has season appeal, as well.

Mueller’s recordings swing from solo piano to combo jazz to Big Band funk. He has worked with Grammy winners Dave Brubeck, Ron Carter (COME IN FUNKY), Michael Hedges (WONDER), Donny McCaslin (last collaborator with David Bowie), blues guitarist Paul Nelson (STANDARD DEVIATIONS), Jon Anderson (from Yes), Janet Planet, Maynard Ferguson, Brian Welch (”Head” from Korn), Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche), Woody Mankowski (WHAT SURVIVES) and countless other musicians from around the globe. RAIN BATHER won Best Jazz Album in 2009. He has been a featured performer on NPR, BBC Radio and AllAboutJazz many times.

As a playwright, he has staged 5 shows in Manhattan, toured the world, and been involved in several artistic multi-genre collaborations involving the Internet. He founded the ArtsForge Collaborative Artist Community back in 1998. He’s won awards for music, poetry and environmental commitment (UNEP 1994 Roll of Honor).

“Tobin Mueller proves his originality, his inquisitiveness as a musician and a thinker, and his fluid, full throttle energy as a pianist. One continually has the sense that the piano is Mueller’s alter ego, and when he sits down to play, to arrange or improvise, he is engaging in an exciting dialogue of discovery with his inner self.” - Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, Fanfare Magazine

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