Simon Daum

Simon Daum


On June 23th, 1980, Simon Daum was born in Freiburg, Germany as the last of 8 children. Being raised up in a family where everyone was playing an instrument, Simon soon discovered his love for composing.

At the age of 11, Simon’s desire to become a full time musician grew tremendously after he got to know the music of the american pianist and composer Jon Schmidt. Having Jon Schmidt and Kurt Bestor as his first, great influences, it’s no surprise that Simon’s first compositions have all been pianosolos.

Even though Simon also writes orchestrated music, he is mainly known for his piano improvisations and for using the piano in almoust all of his music.Until today Simon has released 5 albums and there are almoust a 100 songs that you can listen to by following the links on this site.

“One of the most talented I have heard” Jon Schmidt

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